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mother mother enthusiast - if you love them, be my friend.

also love rich aucoin, rococode, franz ferdinand and many more.

oh, cats too.

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peppbut asked: MOTHER MOTHER 4 LIFE


i mean its half because i’m drunk and half because it’s my wonderful lady time but i’m seriously just crying in my room right now ((happy tears dont be alarmed))

my friend gabby is at mother mother right now and called me so i could attend via phone even though it’s long distance

i love friends

basically if you’re following me and you like mother mother just talk to me and we can be friends ok???? even if i dont follow you back i like people who like mother mother. like not even joking one of my dearest friends today is a girl who messaged me on tumblr about mother mother 3 yrs ago.


Any of you guys going to Pemby next week? I’m camping (will be in founders section) and will be there Wed-Mon. I won’t be on tumblr that week but tweet me at @simplysimple_ if you’re there and want to meet for a drink or something!