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mother mother tour announcement tomorrow

or at the least an album release date

but probably canadian tour

yoooooooooo anyone at rifflandia this weekend?

Off to Sonic Boom for the weekend!

i worked really hard on this

Vancover — Mother Mother Fan Meetup?

If there was a fan meetup in Vancouver on Sept 16, 17 or 18 would you attend? What day would work best? We are attending Rich Aucoin on the 16th and the Peak Performance Showcase on the 18th but are free in the afternoons/early evenings of those days. We could all do lunch or dinner or just hang out in a park somewhere? I also recommend that everyone who is 19+ join us at Rich Aucoin.

anxiousanalytical asked: Any chance there 8-bit versions of more MM songs?

I hope so! If I find any I’ll post them.

Anyone out there know of more 8-bit MM?

mother mother // legs away

yay for good covers

are any of you from seattle? might be spending a weekend there. gimme tips, i’ve never been there before. best places to eat?

move bitch, get out the way